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        Our magnificent Riverbank Tank, showcased at The Aquatic Experience Chicago Show of 2015, boasts two expansive 41-foot tanks that hold a combined 3,800 gallons. The sophisticated design features five sections, allowing for easy transportation. Upon arrival, our expert team assembles the all-glass top and bottom tanks. Within each tank, our proprietary Bio-Boxes provide unparalleled Biological Filtration, complemented by five pumps for optimal water circulation. The stunning 3D background, artfully crafted from Texas's own tree roots and rocks, adds depth and texture to the set-up, while the inclusion of multiple waterfalls and a misting system bring a touch of the exotic to our "Living Wall" design. The light canopy, constructed with the utmost care using premium steel, holds five metal halides and a collection of DAS LED light fixtures, ensuring that every detail is perfect for your viewing pleasure.