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        These kennels provide a comfortable and spacious environment for large breed puppies or adult dogs awaiting their forever homes.  Specifically designed to allow the pups to move around with ease, giving them ample space to move about.

        All of our kennels are built with glass panes.  This design choice helps create a more open and less enclosed feeling for the puppies, promoting a sense of ease and comfort.  We believe that creating a stress free environment is crucial to their overall well-being.

        We believe that solid bottoms promotes better joint health for growing puppies while it's easy to clean and sanitize.  

        We recommend using flat non-printed newspaper as a base with shredded newspaper on top for a cost-effective and easy replaceable bedding option for our kennels.  The flat newspaper provides a barrier between the kennel floor and the shredded newspaper, helping absorb any spills or accidents.  The shredded newspaper also provides cushioning and comfort for the puppies.  

        • Wallpaper Gray Blue
        • Wallpaper Beige
        • Painted