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        We understand the importance of providing customizable options that cater to the specific needs of our customers while prioritizing the health and well-being of all aquatics in your care.  With our extensive 50+ years of experience in building fish tanks, racks and patented filtration systems, we have learned that simplicity is key when it comes to maintaining optimal fish health.  Our fish racks are designed to be functional and efficient, with a focus on the basic principles of nature.

        In the 1970s the owner of D.A.S. invented and advocated for the use of wet dry filtration systems for marine aquariums.  This filtration principle has been a cornerstone of our marine rack systems and continues to be be promoted today.  Our double layer foam filtration system, which has been a part of our freshwater fish and plant racks for 50+ years, is unparalleled in promoting bacteria growth and ensuring top-notch water quality. 
        We take pride in our long-standing presence in the industry, as it speaks volumes about the durability and reliability of our products.  While others promote smaller acrylic systems, we have remained true to our roots, firmly believing that glass aquariums provide superior quality compared to acrylic alternatives.  

        Furthermore, we are proud to offer the largest water capacity per rack in the industry, signifying our commitment to providing ample space for all aquatic life to thrive in your care.
        Freshwater Display Racks