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        Aquatic Turtle Tank Display

        Aquatic Turtle Tank display designed for Nature Centers.  A natural setting is achieved with our unique 3-Dimensional Background with outcrops and ledges for turtles to rest.  Pictured are a Golden Oak display plus a Gray Wash display enclosure with dimensions of L5' x W6' x H8' which allows for plenty of room for turtles to swim and move around in an impressive display.  

        This enclosure was designed fully enclosed with sliding glass doors on the front as well as the sides for easy access.  

        An overflow in the glass aquarium leads to a sump located in the stand which contains a trickle filter with media trays as well Double Layer Foam Spools for optimum Biological Filtration.  DAS has been studying and designing filtration systems for over 40 years and we believe we offer the best filtration systems available for aquatic turtles in the industry.  

        Lighting is provided with our High Output LED Light Fixtures.  Plug and Play.  

        PRICING includes:

        • DECO STYLE Knotty Alder Oak wrapped Steel Stand plus Oak Canopy
          available in Natural Oak (as shown), Chocolate, Oxford or Solid Black
        • OPEN Front or SLIDING GLASS Front Doors
        • High Output LED Lights 
        • 3-Dimensional Background
        • Overflow with Sump and Bio Filter Spools