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        FOAM SPOOLS:
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        to hold our Light Fixtures in place in all "older" Fish Enclosures. 
        Sold in Sets of (2).  Easy assembly. 
        Light Hanger Installation Instructions

        LOCK and KEY SET
        for Sliding Glass Doors #232-611

        Package includes (2) keys, mounting screws, plates, and a lock tumbler. 

        These Keys & Inserts will work with all other key combinations by removing the old insert(s) from the lock(s) and replacing it with new inserts and keys.

        • Sold as Sets Only
        • Quantity Discounts Available.  
        • Sliding Glass Door Cylinder Locks



        Our new and improved Water Bottle Holder is designed to fit all new plus “older” models of our Small Animal Enclosures. It comes with (2) screws attached. (1) is a replacement.  The hanger may be used in any of the (3) positions. Make sure the bottom screw is removed if you need to use any of the upper positions.



        Hangs on to any Fish Enclosure to acclimate or treat fish outside the unit.  Air Hose attaches to Air Supply within our enclosures.

        Standard T8 24-48" Light Fixtures were included with most enclosures before 2014 and have been replaced with our LED Light Fixtures.