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        News — Nature Center

        Forest L Wood Crowley's Ridge Nature Center New Exhibits by DAS

        Forest L Wood Crowley's Ridge Nature Center New Exhibits by DAS

        The Forest L. Wood Crowley's Nature Center in Jonesboro, Arkansas is celebrating their 10th anniversary with the help of new exhibits designed and manufactured by DAS. The 17,033-square-foot, three-story facility opened August 25, 2004. It features a three-story education, exhibit and meeting facility located on 160 acres.


        The exhibits were designed to house native species of reptiles and fish.  They feature the new line of River Bank Tree Root 3D Backgrounds, specifically designed with this project in mind.  Real tree roots were used to create the molds for these new and exciting backgrounds.  The enclosures include an 8 foot tall, 1200 gallon size 3D Aquarium with a 15 foot Tree Root Background featuring 2 ponds, river banks and numerous water falls.  It will house native fish and water snakes.


        The exhibit in the video shown below is designed to house a 6 foot Timber Rattlesnake that was living in a simple glass reptile tank.  It features a 3-Dimensional Rock & Tree Root background allowing the snake to climb and explore plus a river bank area with a filtered pond area for basking and to provide humidity.  A spectacular display for native animals in a natural setting.  Watch the video of the snake being moved below.

         All other terrariums as well as paludariums were designed around existing wall structures within the nature center.  Each enclosure has separate compartments to house several species of reptiles without compromising the views.  All exhibits feature our 3D Tree Root Backgrounds for an impressive display.