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        Do you have an unique or unconventional need for a custom designed enclosure?  Feel free to browse through our customer inspired aquariums, terrariums and exhibits for inspiration.

        3D Aquariums

        Our custom-designed open top aquariums offer a unique and stunning view from the top, allowing you to experience the beauty of underwater life like never before. These aquariums are specifically designed to showcase freshwater aquatic plants and fish, but they also work wonderfully as indoor koi fish ponds. You can choose from a variety of filtration options, including our proven foam spools, overflow wet dry filtration systems, or bio box technology filtration, ensuring a clean and healthy environment for your aquatic companions. For added aesthetics, you have the option to include artificial realistic rocky backgrounds with waterfalls and light canopies.  Each aquarium is custom designed to meet your specific requirements, and they are proudly built in the USA. These aquariums make a perfect addition to schools, universities, lobbies, nature centers, or pet retail stores, serving as eye-catching showpieces that leave a lasting impression. Let us create your next masterpiece.

        Custom Design Turtle Tanks

        Custom Design Nature Center Exhibits