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          Freshwater Fish & Plant Care

          Commercial Display Rack
          a Self Contained Habitat

          Provide optimal Freshwater Fish & Plant Care
          with the largest capacity fish racks on the market.
          Compare and $AVE.

          • L 52” x W 20” x H 90”
          • L 52" x W 26" x H 90" for Bay and XL
          • 3 Tiers – 70 to 100 Gallons Each Tier - 225-300 Gallons Total Capacity
          • Bay Option: Viewing Area 17" - Water Height 14"
          • Glass Aquariums with Plastic Molded Exteriors
          • Steel Leveling Stands
          • Download SPECS
          • Individual Filtration each Tier
          • Biological Filtration with Double Layer Foam Spools
          • Water Flow regulated via Air Power - regulated each tier
            (Air Blower not included)
            No expensive pumps to maintain or replace
          • Automatic Fill & Overflow Plumbing Included
          • For other filtration needs, please contact us for a customized quote
          • 2x48" High Output 6000K Light Fixture each Tier
          • Removable Sliding Front Doors for Easy Access
          • Removable Bottom Kick Plates
          • Minimal Plumbing and Electrical Requirements ($AVE on energy)
          • Black or Beige Exteriors
          • Each Tier can be customized with up to 5 partitions, 

            allowing for the creation of 1 to 6 individual tanks.
          • Bay Style option available for all or any of the (3) tiers, 
ideal for
            Freshwater Plant display. (210 Gallons)
          • XL option (300 Gallons) L52 x W26 x H90
          • End Cap Option
            finished ends with a side view
          • Water Management or Service Stations
          • End Covers
            All of our racks are designed to be placed beside each other, 
creating a seamless and continues appearance. End Covers are Optional to cover unfinished ends.
          End Covers add on to Commercial Fish Racks
          • Easy and Quick Self-Installation with Stack-able Tiers
          • Installers available for an additional fee.
          • Free floor-plan design upon request.
          • We can provide a freight quote for the products you wish to purchase. Price will be based on weight and number of pallets plus total mileage from Waxahachie, TX.  Alternatively, you have the option to obtain your own quote using the same information.
          • Customer Pickup is always available.
          • Production starts upon receipt of a non-refundable 50% down payment, as all items are tailored to meet individual customer requirements.
          • The production timeline usually takes 4 to 6 weeks.