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        Fish & Aquatic Plants will THRIVE in your care
        Decrease fish loss by providing an optimal environment for freshwater fish and aquatic plants to thrive with our Bio Box Cycling Technology.  A stunning display of nature with our artificial rock backgrounds and plant ledges.  Bio cycling is reduced from 6 weeks to just a few days without adding any chemicals, medicines or additives. 
        The Bio Boxes stay out of sight buried beneath a layer of gravel that creates the perfect growing medium for aquatic plants.
        Self-contained tanks with individual filtration in each tank, water flow is powered by a centrally located Air Blower and is easily regulated at each layer. 
        Energy efficient using only 23 watts of energy consumption each enclosure. 
        $AVE money with the THRIVE:
        Reduced labor costs (low maintenance)
        Reduced electricity (air powered filtration + LED lights)
        Reduced maintenance expenses (NO additives or chemicals needed)