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        Our Custom Design Turtle Tanks are perfect for displaying aquatic turtles in a variety of settings, including nature centers, retail outlets, malls, offices, retirement homes, hospitals, schools, and universities.

        These tanks are equipped with unique 3-dimensional backgrounds that feature outcrops and ledges for turtles to rest on, creating a natural and realistic environment.

        For easy access, the enclosures can be fully enclosed with sliding glass doors on the front and sides. Our tanks also feature an overflow system that leads to a sump, where a trickle filter with media trays and Double Layer Foam Spools provide superior biological filtration.

        With over 40 years of experience in studying and designing filtration systems, we are confident that our tanks offer the best filtration available for aquatic turtles.

        Choose from our High Output LED Light Fixtures or request a custom lighting option for your tank.

        The displayed Golden Oak and Gray Wash tanks measure L5' x W6' x H8', providing ample space for turtles to swim and explore in a stunning exhibit.


        Options include:

        • ABS Plastic wrapped Steel Stands with our without Canopy
          available in Black or Beige
        • OPEN Front or Side Sliding Glass Doors
        • 3-Dimensional Background
        • Overflows with Trickle Media Filter Sumps containing our Bio Filter Spools  
        • Light Canopy with HO LED Light fixtures.