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        Abundant room for puppies to move about in bright, inviting aesthetically pleasing kennel suites.  Easy to clean, with the pet's comfort in mind.  No wire bottoms.  Our adoption suites have solid glass bottoms which promote proper sanitation with adequate comfort and safety for the puppies. Solid flooring is the standard flooring used in the best veterinary clinics, animal hospitals, animal shelters, pet hotels, pet boarding facilities or pet stores with adoption programs.  It is easier to clean and sanitize than gridded, strand or wire flooring.  It provides comfort by allowing puppies to play, jump and move around more naturally without the joint strain caused by wire bottoms. Glass cages are less confining and offer greater visibility than wire cages which helps reduce anxiety.

        • L52" x W30" x H90" accessible from behind (allow 36"min)
          2High inside dimensions L50 x W28 x H33 (27 cubic ft) ea suite
          3High inside dimensions L50 x W28 x H19 (19 cubic ft) ea suite
        • Glass Cages with Molded Plastic Exteriors
        • Leveling Steel Stands
        • Size of suites is in compliance with Humane Society guidelines
        • CLICK HERE for INSIDE Dimensions Flyer
        • 1x48" High Output 6000K Light Fixture each Tier
        • Access is from the back
        • Ventilation System Included
        • Minimal Electrical Requirements ($AVE on energy)
        • Black or Beige Exteriors
        • Wallpaper options (on outside of glass)
        Commercial Small Animal Care Display Rack with ventilationCommercial Small Animal Care Display Rack with ventilation
        • End Panels optional (to cap off exposed ends)

        All of our racks are designed to be placed beside each other, 
creating a seamless and continues appearance. End Covers are Optional to cover unfinished ends.

        End Covers add on to Commercial Fish Racks
        • Township Facades are available for an unique custom design look. (Township, Cityscapes) 

        • Easy and Quick Self-Installation with Stack-able Tiers* Installers available for an additional fee. 
        • Free floor-plan design upon request
        • We offer freight quotes based on weight, pallets, and distance from Waxahachie, TX. Rates depend on industry standards.Obtain your own quote using the same information upon request. 
        • Customer Pickup is always available.
        • If the location does not have a loading dock, a forklift will be required to unload our products. Alternatively, we may be able to provide Lift-gate delivery with an additional crate charge, as extra crating is necessary to prevent damage to our product(s) during offloading.
        • Production starts upon receipt of a non-refundable 50% down payment, as all items are tailored to meet individual customer requirements.
        • The production timeline usually takes 4 to 6 weeks.