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        Marine Fish Care Display Rack
        a Self Contained Habitat with Fill & Drain System

        We recognize the significance of supplying customizable choices that address our clients' individual requirements, while placing a high value on the welfare and wellness of all aquatic creatures in your custody..  Having over 50 years of expertise in constructing fish tanks, racks, and patented filtration systems, we have come to understand that simplicity is crucial for maintaining optimal fish health. Our fish racks are built with functionality and efficiency in mind, grounded in the fundamental principles of nature.

        Our brand's longevity in the industry is a testament to the strength and dependability of our products.  Despite others promoting smaller acrylic systems, we stand by our traditional use of glass aquariums, which we believe offer superior quality over acrylic options.  

        We take pride in offering the highest water capacity per rack in the industry, demonstrating our dedication to providing sufficient room for the health and well-being of all marine creatures under your care.

        • L 52” x W 20” x H90”
        • 3 Tiers – 75 Gallons Each Tier - Bottom Tier is Sump -
          2 Tiers above - 225 Gallons Total Capacity
        • Glass Aquariums with Plastic Molded Exteriors
        • Steel Leveling Stands
        • Top (2) Tiers serviced by a 75 Gallon Sump 
spacious enough to allow for additional equipment
        • Sump is equipped with a Wet Dry Bio Box using DAS Bio Spools
        • Sump has hookups for automatic fill from water source
        • Overflow Boxes with Overflow Holes each Tier
        • Automatic Fill & Overflow Pipe Sets Included
          If you have specific filtration needs, please contact us for a customized quote.
        • (2) 2x48” High Output LED Light Fixtures included
        • Removable Sliding Front Doors for Easy Access
        • Removable Bottom Kick Plates
        • Minimal Plumbing and Electrical Requirements ($AVE on energy)
        • Black or Blue Backgrounds
        • Black or Beige Exteriors
        • Each Tier can be customized with up to 5 partitions,
          allowing for the creation of 1 to 6 individual tanks.
        • Bay Style option available for top (2) tiers
          ideal for Coral, Live Rock or Frag Display
        • Water Management or Service Stations
        • End Covers
          Our racks are designed to be positioned alongside one another, resulting in a smooth and uninterrupted display. End Covers are available for covering exposed ends.
        • Simple and Efficient Self-Installation with Stack-able Tiers
        • Installers available for an additional fee
        • Free floor-plan design upon request
        • We can offer a quote for freight on the items you desire to buy.  The cost will depend on the weight and quantity of pallets, as well as the total distance from Waxahachie, TX.

        • You can also choose to obtain your own quote using the same criteria.

        • Customer Pickup is always available.

        LEAD TIMES

        • Production of our custom-built products begins upon receipt of a 50% down payment, with an estimated timeline of 4 to 6 weeks for completion.