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        Discover the ultimate living space for your furry companions with a custom designed kennel. Our specially designed kennels provide ample room for kittens to play and explore. Not just limited to kittens, our kennels are also perfect for larger puppies in need of extra space. Plus, they have been successfully used to house reptiles such as monitors, green iguanas, and larger snakes. Our customizable enclosures are perfect for housing small animals, reptiles, birds, exotic pets, and of course, adorable puppies and kittens. 

        All our enclosures have Solid Glass or ABS Plastic bottoms allowing for proper sanitation and providing comfort and safety for dogs, puppies, cats or kittens. This type of flooring is widely used in top veterinary clinics, animal hospitals, and shelters with adoption programs. It is easier to clean and sanitize compared to gridded, strand, or wire flooring and allows pets to move around more naturally, promoting play and exercise.